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Helping Hands

After a great season, YWP hosted a number of activities and outstanding speakers from many walks of life.  Youth With Purpose continues to develop and enrich students by exposing them to various issues and populations.


On February 22, led by the lights of Ms. Patsy Conner, YWP founder,  a team of Youth With Purpose students participated in the Grate Patrol. a food distribution program operated by the Salvation Army.  Various volunteer groups provide meals for homeless folks at designated places around the Capitol City.  The YWP, a team which included Cecilia Tran, Marisol Cartagena, Saran Kante, and Natan-El Mensah Sowah played pivotal roles in the distribution of meals that evening.

The journey from St. Alban’s Church to designated food delivery spots around the White House and the U.S Capitol was a great experience. The emotional expressions of these students and the people to whom they rendered their services bear witness that this wonderful experience was one inexpressible through words. This event did not only showcase the beautiful attractions of the District of Columbia, but it also exposed these students to a great new world.  The team, therefore, accomplished its task with the desire to continue the good work.   

Youth With Purpose will therefore entreat its members to involve themselves in life changing experiences like these for it is a great way to give back to the community.

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